Preparations For A Better Gaming Experience

Gaming is fun, isn’t it?

Well, not all the time… If you push it too hard, you can have a lot of problems (hands, eyes, general health). So, what should you do to be sure you have a good gaming experience?

First, have a computer that’s adequate for the game you are trying to play. Look at the minimum requirements for the game as presented by the developer and take a look at the recommended ones, too. You should, of course, have at least the minimum, but we would advice you to go with the recommended specifications. You will feel a lot better not adding more frustrations to the ones caused by the game.

Moreover, make sure that, even if your computer fits the recommended specs, you can actually use it at optimium capacity: make sure you have enough disk space, check for operating system updates, check your computer for spyware, adware and viruses, close as many programs as possible so that they do not use resources.

Then, next step – or the first one, depending on your personal opinion – take care of yourself. This is the most important part of playing a computer game. If you’re not feeling well, then what is the reason of playing it in the first place?

You should always have some water around you, in close proximity. You will not want to get up from the chair to get to the fridge, but you need to be hydrated at all times. You should not start gaming unless you are feeling well (don’t try to do this while you have a cold, chances are nothing will go well: neither the game, nor your health).

Another thing you should watch carefully is the wrist repetitive stress injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome). Your wrist will rapidly start hurting if you do not take some basics precautions: use the hand’s natural position (with the wrist straight and rotated to a relaxed position, fingers curled, the thumb straight and relaxed), get a good grip (the mouse should be big enough to fit your hand), don’t force your muscles with extreme movements.

And last, but not least, take some breaks! Every hour, take a 5 minute break in which you should stretch, move around, massage your muscles and let your eyes get some rest.

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